20 Questions With Paty

Feeling good enough to like yourself requires a whole lot of honesty, compassion, and guts. It takes a warrior-like attitude to protect yourself from your own self-criticizing. That’s why I think of all my Twinki-Winki customers as warriors. Because I see them doing the hard work of being kind to themselves.

And being that way, well, it kinda makes ya quirky. Because you just can’t help but stand out when you’re truly being yourself. Smile.

It’s the desire to belong to the world your way. We’ve all got it. But we don’t all have the guts to show it.

The Twinki-Winki Warrior Interviews continue. Today we’ve got 20 Questions with Paty.

Paty relaxing and lying down next to her dog while wearing her comfy soft cotton tee happy at home.
name: Paty

1. coffee or tea: tea, I don’t like coffee
2. mug or teacup: mug
3. muffins or cupcakes: muffins
4. salt or pepper: salt always!
5. ketchup or mustard: none
6. spoon or fork: spoon
7. fresh cut flowers or house plants: fresh flowers, I have always a lot of fresh flowers in my house, it’s makes me happy
8. bath or shower: shower every day, bath from time to time
9. naps on bed, couch, or ?: anywhere! I love naps
10. pants or skirts: dresses
11. t-shirt or blouse: I use more t-shirts but love blouses
12. dark colors, light colors, or bold colors: depends on my mood
13. tote bag, backpack, or purse: tote bag
14. online shopping or in person shopping: in-person shopping, I like to touch the products
15. (for ideas) online search or in person window shopping: both
16. (for computer) portable or stationary: portable
17. smartphone or tablet: smartphone
18. newspaper or online news articles: online news articles
19. email or snail mail: every day email but I send snail mail from time to time, to send little gifts to my mom and I open every day the mailbox like if I am expecting something!
20. Instagram, Facebook, or ?: Instagram

A big thanks to Paty for playing the 20 Questions game!

She’s in the process of making a beautiful life. And so are you.

You don’t have to be a Twinki-Winki customer to remember life is supposed to be fun. But sometimes we all need a little reminder, don’t ya know. And that’s where Twinki-Winki comes in.

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