20 Questions With Yours Truly

I think of all my Twinki-Winki customers as warriors.

Because I see them doing the hard work of being kind to themselves. Feeling good enough to like yourself requires a whole lot of honesty, compassion, and guts.

It takes a warrior-like attitude to protect yourself from your own self-criticizing.

I look to my customers for inspiration. Because they know that being a Twinki-Winki Warrior is about living with joy. They remind me that:

• The best way to love life is to love yourself.
• The best way to thank life is to be authentic.
• The best way to experience life is to feel worthy.

And so I’ll be sharing with you a series of Twinki-Winki Warrior Interviews. It’s a game of 20 Questions. Today I’ll share my own answers to start things off. Smile.

Funny doll with a lampshade head sitting on a busy studio table surrounded by colorful materials, objects, papers, and tools.
name: Alex

1. coffee or tea: coffee
2. mug or teacup: mug
3. muffins or cupcakes: I tend to go for muffins but cupcakes are way more luxurious
4. salt or pepper: salt
5. ketchup or mustard: neither although sometimes I enjoy torturing myself with spicy mustard
6. spoon or fork: spoon because there’s nothing you can’t eat with a spoon
7. fresh-cut flowers or house plants: I want to be that person that keeps a vase with gorgeous flowers - still working on it
8. bath or shower: bath although I haven’t had a bathtub at home in ages
9. naps on bed, couch, or ?: on the bed
10. pants or skirts: I’m pretty much anti-pants these days
11. t-shirt or blouse: blouses
12. dark colors, light colors, or bold colors: bold colors and black basics
13. tote bag, backpack, or purse: tote bag
14. online shopping or in-person shopping: in-person shopping is way more satisfying
15. (for ideas) online searching or in-person window shopping: online search
16. (computer) portable or stationary: both
17. smartphone or tablet: smartphone
18. newspaper or online news articles: I get most of my news online these days
19. email or snail mail: I still love writing and receiving snail mail
20. Instagram, Facebook, or ?: I’m having fun on Pinterest as of late

You don’t have to be a Twinki-Winki customer to remember life is supposed to be fun. But sometimes we all need a little reminder, don’t ya know. And that’s where Twinki-Winki comes in.

Did ya sign up for Twinki-mail? But how else am I gonna show your inbox some love? Give it a try. The worst that can happen is that you pick up some fashion misfit style tips. And that’s probably a good thing! It’s free. No spam. Yay! I twinkle for Twinki-mail!

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