Fabulous Is As Fabulous Does

Alex Mitchell cleaning bathroom sink, all dressed up in pink with her misfit attitude about feeling fab whenever she wants.

Feeling fabulous is having the freedom to express your own personal style with ease.

But what is personal style?

Personal style is simplicity. So you don’t have to fuss when getting dressed. And you don’t have to fuss with being comfortable in your clothes. What you wear feels good and makes you feel good about yourself.

Personal style is using fashion as a medium to express your creativity.

The clothes we wear communicate to the world who we are. You want the way you dress to be an outward representation of your creativity.

Alex Mitchell wearing colorful blouse and looking in the mirror while putting on earrings feeling happy with her outfit.

You want what you see in the mirror to match how you feel about yourself.

And this is where feeling worthy comes in. Because expressing your creativity is the freedom to love yourself. And the more worthy you feel, the more you’ll discover how to feel fabulous in your day-to-day.

Alex Mitchell wearing colorful blouse and smiling at herself in the mirror feeling happy about her personal style.
Think of yourself as a fashion misfit.
I do. And I use the term misfit with pride. That’s because being a misfit means being a rebel. And what a rebel values most is:

• the freedom to love yourself and own your desires
• the freedom to express your creativity and put your personal style before any popular fashion trends

It’s taken me decades to figure out my personal style. What I’ve learned is that the better you know yourself, the more you like yourself, the easier it is to define your personal style.

So let’s be a tribe of no-fuss fabulous fashion misfits!

We’re all telling the story of our worthiness just by being here. And we’re all communicating to the world who we are by what we wear - whether we pay attention to what we wear or not. So why not dress with purpose?
Like this:

NO-FUSS = a desire for simplicity and ease

FABULOUS = a desire to feel good in your day-to-day

FASHION = the medium to enjoy expressing your personal style

MISFIT = the freedom to love yourself and express your creativity

Alex Mitchell reclining in colorful setting wearing her soft cotton Twinki-Winki slogan tee surrounded by colorful boa scarves.
Feel worthy of feeling good.
If it were up to me, you’d never put feeling fab on hold. Ever. Because you’d always feel worthy of feeling good. And you’d always enjoy expressing your personal style with ease.

Because what we desire is to live authentically with the fullness of who we are. And what we want is to feel good.

Fabulous is as fabulous does. Amen.

“The worst fashion faux pas is to look in the mirror and not see yourself.”
- Iris Apfel

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