Feeling Fab In A Hurry

Now that I practically never leave the house anymore, you’d think I’d have plenty of time to get ready for my video meetings. I mean, all that time I used to travel by metro to get downtown is now no longer an issue. I can make myself a coffee and take my time getting dressed, right? I wish.

What I do instead on a regular basis is freak out. My sense of time seems to have gone down the toilet. And I now perpetually live in my “casual house clothes.” That’s a fancy way of saying I never take my pajamas off. And the longer I live in my pajamas, the harder it is to get dressed up at all. Don’t even get me started on doing something with my hair or putting on some jewelry. Living in quarantine has turned me into a desk potato. The fact that I still wear my perfume every day only means I’m nice-smelling, but a desk potato nonetheless.

Alex Mitchell with a worried look about how she’s going to get ready for a video meeting in a hurry and do it in style.

What happened?

Well, 2020 and COVID happened. Spending so much time at home happened. And now getting dressed up doesn’t feel worth the effort. But that’s so fundamentally wrong that it’s making me crazy.

Because I know I enjoy feeling pretty and looking nice. I enjoy putting on a little makeup and jewelry. I like to put my hair up and wear headbands. All these little things make me feel good. So why on earth do I act like I’m not worth the time and effort to do them anymore? Does this mean I don’t want to feel good? Or maybe that I don’t deserve the effort it takes to feel good?

Of course, I deserve to feel good. Just like you deserve to feel good.

Paying attention to your appearance is a reflection of how you feel about yourself.

Alex Mitchell getting ready in a hurry for a video meeting. She’s putting up her hair in a messy bun and putting on mascara.

It’s not what you wear or how you wear it.

Whether you like to wear dresses or overalls, red lipstick or chapstick, high heels or sneakers, is beside the point. You dress for yourself because it feels good. Period.

You don’t have to do anything to prove to anyone else that you deserve feeling good. But you do have to be aware of what you are proving to yourself.

I always say that life is a come-as-you-are party. And that your only job is to feel good. But that doesn’t mean feeling good is automatic or always easy.


Alex Mitchell getting ready quickly for a video call. She’s putting on some lip gloss and throwing on a cheerful boa scarf.

We prove to ourselves every day that we feel worthy by how we treat ourselves.

When we are kind and generous with ourselves, life kinda seems to flow. You feel happy for no reason. You wanna hug everybody. You don’t get hung up on unimportant things.

Before you know it, you’re taking selfies of how you get ready for video meetings in under ten minutes. Smile.

Alex Mitchell all smiles with her colorful lush boa scarf on, after getting ready for her video meeting in a hurry.

Feeling fab is possible even in a hurry.

Yep, in ten minutes I can find a clean t-shirt and pants, put my hair up, do a little mascara and lip gloss, and throw on a colorful boa scarf. Shazam! My work-from-home style just got a serious upgrade. Bye-bye desk potato! Hello fabulous!

And it feels so good that I think I’ll keep it up. Try it for yourself and let me know!

“If it feels good, then I know it’s for me. I don’t dress to be stared at, I dress for myself.”
- Iris Apfel

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