Flashback Series: Are You Ready Little Caterpillar

“What the caterpillar calls the end, the rest of the world calls a butterfly.”
- Lao Tzu
Colorful art illustration of a green caterpillar with red heart and eyes closed dreaming about his future by Alex Mitchell.
Imagine you’re a little caterpillar. A special little caterpillar that is striving to improve and struggling to feel worthy. Who one day gets a letter in the mail. Stay with me.

Dear little caterpillar.
I see you struggling to improve, making plans, working hard at getting better. And I see that you are putting your life on hold.

You foolishly think you have all the time in the world to get better so that when you feel you are finally good enough, you will have the life you deserve.

Colorful art illustration of a green caterpillar with eyes closed and listening to the beating of his heart by Alex Mitchell.

But if you can’t believe you are good enough now, then there will never be enough time.

You are good enough right now as you are.

Little caterpillar, you do not and cannot know what your future holds. You are unaware of nature’s marvelous plan for you, of the incredible personal transformation that awaits you.

Colorful art illustration of a content green caterpillar with an expression of knowing and big eyes full of color by Alex Mitchell.

Your destiny.
No matter how broken or incomplete your life may feel at times, you are still growing. Your destiny is to grow into something beautiful and you’ve been ready for this since the day you were born.

You don’t know how or why this will happen, but you have to believe it will. It is your destiny. Believe in yourself. You are good enough right now as you are.
Colorful art illustration of a happy blue butterfly with pink eyes and surrounded by paper butterflies by Alex Mitchell.
You are who you were born to be. Your destiny is your becoming.

Live your life your way.

The best way to experience life is to feel worthy.

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illustrations: ©2015 Alex Mitchell, Are You Ready Little Caterpillar, A Poem Picture Book

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