Colorful Twinki-Winki tote bag with Frosted Cookies print on front and black straps.
Colorful Twinki-Winki tote bag with Flipflop print on back and black straps.
Colorful Twinki-Winki tote bag with Frosted Cookies-Flipflop design and black straps.
Interior pocket close-up of colorful Twinki-Winki tote bag with Flipflop print.
Alex Mitchell wearing Frosted Cookies-Flipflop tote bag on her head in a silly pose.

Double Fun Tote bag: Frosted Cookies-Flipflop

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Imagine you’re all set with your outfit. You’re ready to head out the door for a big day. Everything’s right, even the shoes. But now you need a big bag for all your stuff. And then the drama begins. Your purses are too small. Your backpack doesn’t cut it. And you don’t have a big bag that’s pretty enough or not all crumpled up. Ah. Then you remember. Sigh. Smile. Your new Twinki-Winki tote is hanging in the closet. It’s gonna do the job beautifully. Carpe diem, baby. It’s your day.

Why you’ll love this:
Because frosted rainbow sugar cookies with rainbow sprinkles is the only way to go:
Features Rainbow-Yummy Frosted Cookies on front, Play Flipflop on reverse

Double Fun Tote bags have prints exclusively made for Twinki-Winki by Alex Mitchell. These prints are digitized images of her original artwork. You won’t find them available anywhere else!

• 100% polyester fabric, exterior and lining
• Sturdy construction, stitching includes overlock stitch and lockstitch
• Vibrant colors that won't fade

• Width: 20in (51cm)
• Height: 16in (41cm) (not including shoulder straps)
• Maximum weight limit: 44lbs (20kg)

• Comfortable 100% cotton webbing handles in black
• Large inside pocket
• No zippers
Sublimation printed, hand-cut and sewn

Care Instructions:
Machine wash. Cold cycle. Tumble dry low. Do not bleach. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.

Double Fun Tote bags are made and printed in USA, Mexico, and Europe.

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