No-Fuss Fabulous

All Twinki-Winki products are no-fuss fabulous. And ya know what that means, don’t ya! Yep, you get to express your creativity with stuff that’s made to bring ease and joy into your life.


It’s living your values that enables you to show up for yourself.


Well, hello! I’m Alex and I make this stuff to fill your life with color, joy, smiles, style, and attitude.

Welcome to my Twinki-Winki world where a rebel can give life advice and a fashion misfit can give style tips. Oh, yeah. Because I’ve got me a philosophy, don’t ya know. And you can try it on for size.

My philosophy is all about getting unstuck and I like to call it inspired rebel living because that makes it sound all swanky. But honestly, it's pretty darn simple. It’s equal parts attitude, love of process, and satisfaction. And it goes like this:

Fabulous is as fabulous does.

By making my products no-fuss fabulous, you know they’ll fit your lifestyle. So you get to feel fab being you whenever you darn well please. Uh-huh. You get to express your creativity and strut your fabulous self all over the place. Amen.


Alex Mitchell reaching forward with outstretched arms toward camera wearing a Twinki-Winki boa scarf and tote bag.

1. Think of yourself as a fashion misfit.
I do. And I use the term misfit with pride. Because being a misfit means being a rebel, and what a rebel values most is freedom. People don’t always appreciate this quality in others. Mostly because they assume that rebels and misfits are indifferent to them. This is unfortunate and completely false.

Being a misfit does not mean being indifferent. It means being comfortable with being different for the sake of your own values. For the sake of feeling comfortable in your own skin.

And for me, that means the freedom to express my creativity. This has been the desire that has guided me my entire life. It’s how I see and define myself. It’s the story I tell about myself. In short, it’s how I show up in the world.

That’s why you’ll always find me making my fashion accessories no-fuss fabulous. This means they’re designed to be easy to care for. Because life is too short to put feeling fabulous on hold.

Being a misfit means being a rebel for the purpose of living your values.

No matter who you are, you always know what you want by your values. So it makes sense to take a misfit attitude to find your own way. Trusting yourself is the challenging part. Knowing your values is the first step.

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2. Be intentional about who you’re becoming.
Your future self is thriving. She’s following her joy and giving her joy. She’s your version of fabulous. And she’s a direct result of your current thinking habits. You can start being her today.

Feeling fabulous is having the freedom to express your own personal style with ease. You want what you see in the mirror to match how you feel about yourself.

And creating your personal style is all about simplicity. So you don’t have to fuss when getting dressed. And you don’t have to fuss with being comfortable in your clothes. What you wear feels good and makes you feel good about yourself.

So who is your version of fabulous? How do you want to show up in the world? How about we all embrace the idea of being no-fuss fabulous fashion misfits!

Like this:
NO-FUSS = easy use, easy wear, easy care
FABULOUS = a desire to feel good in your day-to-day
FASHION = the medium to enjoy expressing your personal style
MISFIT = the freedom to love yourself and express your creativity

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