Be Your Own Bestie

All my life all I’ve ever wanted is to belong my way. What’s taken me a lifetime to figure out is that first I have to belong to myself.

You gotta twinki-winki.

If we can’t like ourselves today, we won’t like ourselves tomorrow either.

Not to worry. The best way to start liking yourself is to be your own best friend. And we all know how we treat our besties, right? I mean, we already know how to be there for them. What we gotta learn is how to be there for ourselves.

Yeah, we gotta do stuff like forgiving ourselves for messing up. Letting go when we feel stuck. Cheering ourselves on when nobody else does. And treating ourselves with kindness. Keeping ourselves good company might very well be the hardest thing we’ll ever learn to do.

Everything in life is a process. Learning to twinki-winki is no exception. We can make big things happen in small steps. You can start today, wherever and however you are. Even just a little is enough. Every little bit counts.

So that when the inevitable happens and you have one of those my-life-sucks days, well, you can still be happy to be you. As in, alive and kicking, here and now.

And before you know it, you’ll become a Twinki-Winki warrior. No lie. It takes a warrior-like attitude to protect yourself from your own self-criticizing.

Being a Twinki-Winki Warrior is about living with joy:

• The best way to love life is to love yourself.
• The best way to thank life is to be authentic.
• The best way to experience life is to feel worthy.

It’s time for some serious twinki-winki-ing.
Welcome to the Twinki-Winki Tribe.

Come as you are.

I’ll leave the Twinki-Winki light on for ya.

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Alex Mitchell feeling stylish wearing her black soft cotton Twinki-Winki slogan tee.

Today you like being you.
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