Worry Dolls Play Time Workshop Information

Worry dolls coloring page by Alex Mitchell from the workshop Worry Dolls Play Time.

Worry Dolls Play Time: A Guided Mini Workshop For Letting Go And Worrying Less

Upcoming enrollment begins February 13, 2023

Two white envelopes with doll shape tracing on the front and two worry notes.

Stop overthinking and start trusting your intuition.

Hands up if this is you:
• You feel like you’re stuck worrying about every little thing
• You could really use a break from overthinking
• You want direction for how to move forward
• You want to have fun with your creative side
• You want guidance on creating a practice for worrying less
• You want to charge your feel-good battery

Well, that's what I'm here for, don’t ya know. Let me show you what I've learned about living an inspired life. And let’s help each other be the fabulous creative souls we’re meant to be.

In this workshop, you’ll go from feeling stuck to feeling creative. And you’ll experience the satisfaction of trusting your intuition and surrendering your need for worrying. Oh, yeah.

Colorful markers, a pencil, eraser, scissors, and glue stick next to coloring pages and stacks of white envelopes.

It’s your time to play!

Get ready for a fun guided mini workshop to spark your creativity and surrender your worries.

What you’ll be doing in this workshop:

• Making worry envelopes
• Writing worry notes
• Doing a little tracing
• Lots of coloring
• Easy paper crafting
• Listening to two audios

What you’ll take away is:
• The satisfaction of giving yourself the gift of spending time on yourself
• The joy of having fun with your creative side
• Resources for coping with worrying

White envelopes and a paper doll chain on top of a cute coloring page next to colorful markers.

Creative play is a means to express yourself for the sheer pleasure of being alive.

There are lots of courses that can teach you about making art. And there are lots of courses that can teach you about growth mindset and alignment.

But my calling is to use creativity as the spark for your inner shift. The way I see it, you can’t have inner growth without creativity. And although you can try to understand your creativity conceptually, you are meant to experience it personally.

And that’s why my preferred method for teaching is play immersion. Yep, it’s all about having fun with your creative side.

By the time you finish this workshop, you’ll have three strategies to free yourself from overthinking:
• Focusing your attention on what you want more of
• Charging your feel-good battery
• Using your emotional guidance system

Let's make stuff, learn stuff, and get our butts unstuck!

Detail of a coloring page in black and white by Alex Mitchell from the workshop Worry Dolls Play Time.

What you’ll get for your purchase:

Video training
• Step 1. Get your stuff together
• Step 2. Make your worry envelopes
• Step 3. Write your worry notes
• Step 4. Write your worry notes - for KIDS
• Step 5. Make a worry doll chain
• Step 6. Color your envelopes
• Step 7. Color your worry doll chain
• Step 8. Color your coloring pages

Audio experience
• Just Ducky (MP3)
• Letting Go (MP3)

• Go Ahead, Be A Monster, But Don’t Forget To Smile picture book

Course prep worksheets
• My Materials Checklist (PDF)
• I Promise (PDF)
• Course Success Plan (PDF)

Template and all coloring pages
• My Worry Dolls Template (PDF)
• Worry Dolls Coloring Page 1 (PDF)
• Worry Dolls Coloring Page 2 (PDF)
• Worry Dolls Coloring Page 3 (PDF)
• Worry Dolls Coloring Page 4 (PDF)

Extra activity worksheet
• Change The Worry Channel (PDF)

Bonus worksheets
• Gratitude Attitude (PDF)
• Clutter Be Gone (PDF)

Bonus Coloring Book
• Go Ahead Coloring Book (PDF)

Change The Worry Channel worksheet by Alex Mitchell from the workshop Worry Dolls Play Time.


How do I get help?
There’s a good chance that you can find the answer to what’s on your mind below. If not, send us an email at customerhappiness@twinkiwinki.com.

How long do I have access to the workshop?
You have access to all your course lessons and material for as long as this workshop exists, however no less than a year. In the event that Twinki-Winki intends to retire this workshop, you’ll be provided with at least 30 days notice.

Are your workshops for kids?
Nope. I create these courses for adults to play with their creative side and learn about the power of their thoughts. Think of my workshops as invitations to play for the kid in you. Having said that, the making components of each workshop will be fun for kids. So you can include kids when it comes to easy paper crafting and coloring, for example.

Can I get a refund?
Yes! I think you’re gonna love this workshop. But if you feel you’ve made a mistake and this really isn’t for you, we can certainly do something about it.

You must request a refund within the first 14 days after you purchase the course. Email your request to customerhappiness@twinkiwinki.com. Make sure to include your full name, the email address you used to sign up, the name of the course you purchased, and the date of the purchase. Also please include your order number and the reason for your dissatisfaction.

Can I take the workshop on my phone?
Yes! The Thinkific Course Player is fully mobile responsive. Yay! So you can take your course on the go from any phone, tablet, or computer!

Are there any requirements to take this workshop?

The only requirements to take this workshop are:
• Your willingness to have fun with your creative side
• Your openness to try something new
• Your awareness of your own overthinking habits

Are there any technical requirements to take this workshop?
The only technical requirements are:
• Your device
• An internet connection
• Access to a printer