Vibrant, cheerful, and playful style accent pillow with a multicolor graphic Fab Ladies Down print on the front.
Vibrant, cheerful, and playful style accent pillow with a fun Whoopee slogan in pink letters on a cyan background.
Playful style accent pillow with a multicolor graphic Popcornfroops print on the front, white zipper, and pillow insert. Close-up.

Whoopee throw pillow: Fab Ladies Down

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A pretty throw pillow can have two designs.

Walk into most stores and you’ll have no problem finding a nice throw pillow. But it can be hard to choose just one, especially if it’s got the same color or print on both sides. You want it to be colorful but not boring.

This is why you want a pillow that’s not the same on both sides.

If it’s got two designs, one on the front and another on the back, then you get to play around. Two colorful designs means more fun for you.

What you want is a throw pillow for switching up your home decor.

It can be as easy as turning your pillows over to show a different design on the back. And what’s more fun than a colorful slogan. So how about a cheerful throw pillow that’s got something to say with a slogan that makes you feel good.

Switching up your home decor should be easy. Whether you’re playing with the colors on your couch or on your bed, you’ll get more versatility from Twinki-Winki WHOOPEE throw pillows. And they’re pretty darn great at reminding you to smile.

Imagine flopping onto your bed at the end of a grueling day. But right before you smack into your bed face-first, you catch a glimpse of that stylish throw pillow. The one that says WHOOPEE. It’s your little reminder to bask in that happy-to-be-alive feeling for even just a moment. Because no matter how lopsided your day, if you can still say WHOOPEE then it can’t be all bad.

Why you’ll love this accent pillow:
Fun WHOOPEE Slogan: Twinki-Winki pillows are designed with a multicolor print on the front and a fun WHOOPEE slogan on the back. This means you can play around with your home decor by switching up which side you look at.

Vibrant Colors: Twinki-Winki throw pillows get their vibrant colors as a result of the printing process and material used. Each blanket’s exclusive prints are sublimation printed on polyester fabric for consistent and vibrant colors that won't fade. Choose your favorite from eight vibrant color versions.

Exclusive Alex Mitchell Print: This is not another computer-generated repeating pattern. Twinki-Winki throw pillows use reproductions of Alex Mitchell’s original artwork. The process involves photographing the originals to reproduce a digital version which is then used for printing.

Removable Insert: Twinki-Winki throw pillows have a hidden zipper that allows you to remove the pillow insert. This makes washing the pillow case super easy.

Alex Mitchell all dressed up and getting her beauty rest with a stylish colorful accent pillow in Popcornfroops print.
photo: Whoopee throw pillow in Popcornfroops

Zipper detail in product photo is of Popcornfroops color version.

Design Details:
• Fun WHOOPEE slogan on the back of each pillow for switching up your home decor
Exclusive Twinki-Winki print on front created with original artwork by Alex Mitchell
• Features Fab Ladies Down on front, “whoopee” slogan in Pink letters on Soft Cyan background on reverse
• Available in 8 vibrant color versions so you can choose your favorite from the throw pillow collection
• Vibrant colors that won't fade
• Hidden zipper
• Zipper and stitch color in white
• Removable insert for washing of pillow case
Sublimation printed for a consistent and vibrant all-over print
Hand-cut and sewn for sturdy construction
• One size

Material Details For Exterior Pillow Case:
• 100% pre-shrunk polyester case
• Vibrant colors that won't fade
• Dries quickly and won’t shrink
• Less absorbent so it’s harder to stain and easier to keep clean

Material Details For Insert:
• Made of polypropylene non-woven liner filled with virgin polyester fiber
• Shape-retaining

• 20 x 12 in (51 x 30 cm)

While others sell pillows with the same design on both sides, Twinki-Winki’s pillows have a fun WHOOPEE slogan on the back for switching up your home decor. So you can play around.

Care Instructions:
For pillow cases:
Machine wash. COLD cycle. Do not bleach. Hang-dry for longest life. Iron only on low heat setting. Do not tumble dry. Do not dry clean.

For pillow inserts:
Do not wash, bleach, tumble-dry, iron, or dry-clean.

Whoopee throw pillows are sourced from Poland, Mexico, and China. Then depending on where the order is placed, they’re printed, cut, and hand-sewn in the USA, Canada, Mexico, or Europe.