Sharing Art

I’ve been making people feel happy through my art for over twenty years. And as I’ve experimented with many different mediums over time, one thing has remained constant. My guiding light has always been the desire to follow my joy.
And yet, I’ve always felt I could do more than produce artwork. Which is why I began writing about the creative process of art-making and how it applies to the bigger creative process of making a beautiful life. I began putting into words what I’ve learned about inspired living.

Alex Mitchell in a playful pose in front of her artwork Beauty Queen on display in a group show at an international art fair.

Along with being an artist, my love of fashion is part of my identity.

I think of myself as a fashion misfit. And I use the term misfit with pride. Because being a misfit means being a rebel, and what a rebel values most is freedom. Namely, the freedom to love yourself and express your creativity.

Alex Mitchell surrounded by a heap of clothes and feeling happy about figuring out her personal style.

Art-making and fashion are my chosen rebel path.

What if.
So one day, I simply asked myself, what if my experience as a fashion misfit is the missing link to sharing my art-making process as a tool for inspired living?

What if expressing my creativity through fashion is not only my way of feeling good but a common denominator that unites us? What if it’s the shortcut to worthiness we’ve all been looking for?

What if I can create a brand of wearable art and feel-good products that encourages inspired rebel living so that feeling fab in your day-to-day is easy?

Melinda feeling fab wearing her happy colorful fashion boa scarf while riding her bike around San Francisco in style.
“Like everyone else, I have no idea what the world will look like next. I do know I feel better about being me than I ever have!”

Melinda LaValle about her Posh Me Fab boa scarf
San Francisco, CA, USA

We’re all on a journey of personal transformation.

And more often than not, we’re self-sabotaging ourselves by our thinking habits. This is where feeling worthy comes in. The more worthy you feel, the more you’ll discover how to feel fabulous, and how to dress in a way that makes you feel good to be YOU.

Because all the good you want in your life starts by feeling good about yourself.

Detail of mixed media artwork Beauty Queen made of many dolls with funny expressions in colorful dresses by Alex Mitchell.
I wonder which one is my rebel-mini-me? Hmmm.

Express yourself.
I can help you express your own creativity and vitality through fashion. You’ll be surprised how easy and fun it is to have a personal style that works for you and supports who you desire to be. The key is to be intentional about who you’re becoming.

Your future self is fabulous. She’s a direct result of your current thinking habits. And you can start being her today. It’s as simple as liking yourself. Yep, today you twinki-winki.

Twinki-Winki is where I make what I love and love what I sell.

Let my art fill your life with color, joy, smiles, style, and attitude.

I’ve been following my joy as an artist for the last twenty-plus years. I’m super excited to create a business that allows me to share the joy of inspired rebel living.

Do ya feel the love? Did your room just turn into a sparkly rainbow light show? Uh-huh. Okay, try this:

Squeal “Wheeeeeeee!” until you feel it. Oh, yeah. That usually does the trick.