Sharing Art

So I bet you’re thinking, Okay Alex, I’m into all this self-love hoopla. And your Twinki-Winki project gives me happy vibes and all, but…

But what exactly are you making, selling, and giving away? Good question.

Here’s the deal:

• I’m using my original artwork on the Twinki-Winki products and art prints that I sell in my shop.
• I’m sewing the boa scarves by hand.
• And I’m also making MINIs, small mixed media paintings on board (4x4in/10x10cm). It’s the MINIs I’ll be giving away.

For every $65 (55€) you spend on my Twinki-Winki products, I’ll give you a MINI. No lie.

A grouping of many Twinki-Winki MINI mixed media paintings by Alex Mitchell.
Yep, it's the Twinki-Winki MINI lottery! I'll randomly pic a MINI out for you from my treasure box of MINIS. (You can see some of the finished MINIS over on

This is how it works:

1. Place your order for at least $65 (55€) worth of Twinki-Winki products.
2. Sign up for Twinklemail.
3. Send me the address where you’d like to receive your MINI ( Your MINI will ship from Spain. There are no additional shipping costs. Smile.

There is one catch, so please take note. You can’t use a discount code and get a Mini for the same order. You’ll have to choose what works better for you.

Let’s say you sign up for Twinklemail and get your 10% off sign-up discount. Then you decide to buy some stuff and your order ends up being over $65 (55€). If you want a MINI, you’d have to place your order without the discount. But Twinki-Winki discounts don’t expire, so you can always use a discount later.

I’ve been following my joy as an artist for the last twenty-plus years. I’m super excited to create a business that allows me to give my joy away.

Art-making is my joy for life. So at the end of the day, sharing my art is about giving joy.

Twinki-Winki is where I make what I love and love what I sell.

Do ya feel the love? Did your room just turn into a sparkly rainbow light show? Uh-huh. Okay, try this:

Squeal “Wheeeeeeee!” until you feel it. Oh, yeah. That usually does the trick.