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Well, hello!

If we haven’t met before, I’m Alex.

I love making art, fashion, and teaching creativity.

Although I’ve been making art for over twenty years and teaching kids for over twelve, I’ve let my inner perfectionist be the boss of me. And her control-freak tendencies have had me frazzled and living small for longer than I care to remember.

Ya see, for years I’ve struggled with my perfectionism and feeling stuck. I’ve always had these two opposing personalities inside of me:

the fearful perfectionist vs. the rebel-artist-misfit

Studio portrait of artist author Alex Mitchell founder of the Twinki-Winki fashion brand.
photo: ©Diego Alonso, Madrid, Spain

Here’s what I figured out:
It’s only taken me 30 years (uh-huh), but I figured out that my creativity is the answer to getting unstuck and living large.

My creativity is an expression of my rebel-artist-misfit self.

I call this part of myself my sassy misfit attitude. And it’s my superpower. No lie.

My sassy misfit attitude helps me:
• Feel comfortable with being different for the sake of my own values
• Value, above all else, the freedom to love and express myself
• Play more and care less

Mind you, I’m still a perfectionist. The difference is that now I know my creative practice is a form of self-care. My sassy misfit attitude helps me live my values. And I inspire others to do the same.

Funny quote by Martha Beck about perfectionism: I’m still a perfectionist. I just don’t care. Mauve text on yellow.

Yep, I help women who swear they’re not creative but secretly wish they were. I show them how to bring more creative play into their lives.

Expressing your creativity is the fastest way to feeling good.

So I bet you’re thinking, Okay Alex, this all sounds just ducky.

I get that my creativity is the key to getting unstuck. But what if I can’t even draw a stick figure to save my life?

You’re thinking what if:
“I’m just not the creative type.”
“I don’t even know what it means to express my creativity.”
“There’s not a creative bone in my body.”
“I’ll never find the time to be more creative.”
“Supposing I could make time after I get everything else done, I just don’t have the energy to play around with art stuff.”
“I don’t have the space to keep a bunch of art materials sitting around.”

So here’s my answer:

You don’t need to become a more creative person. You only need to give yourself permission to play.

Ya see, your creative genius is already inside of you waiting to flow out. Your only job is to crack the shell of your resistance.

The counter-intuitive part about being more creative is that:
• You’re already creative, you’ve simply got a lot of resistance to expressing your creativity
• It’s actually less work to drop your resistance than to keep resisting
• It’s super easy to express your creativity via what you wear

So instead of telling yourself you’re not creative, try this on for size:

There’s always a way. It’s my time to play. What can I do, just for today?

You’re never stuck if you can play.

Quirky self portrait using fisheye lens. Alex Mitchell posing as pink fairy wearing tulle dress and holding magic wand.

The best piece of praise I ever got from a customer was:

“Your boa is getting a workout. It’s like sprinkling joy into the room wherever I go.”

Helping people to express their creativity, like that, makes me so proud and drives everything I do.

If you’re looking for ways to have fun with your creative side, I’d love to help you.

My calling is to show you how to use the creative process to spark your inner growth:
• By showing you how to bring more creative play into your life (including fashion!)
• By encouraging you to focus on your own values and care less about what others think
• By helping you create a practice for expressing your creativity

Think of me as a rebel on a mission to bring more joy to the world, one human at a time. Starting with myself. And I just happen to be an artist, a teacher, and a fashion misfit. So there ya go.

When I’m not making art or teaching creativity, I can be found sipping on cappuccinos in expensive hotel lobbies, geeking out over making worksheets, or binging on podcasts about brain science.

Want to learn more about how to give yourself permission to play? Keep reading.

Portrait of artist author Alex Mitchell founder of the Twinki-Winki online fashion brand.
I'm Alex, your Twinki-Winki little-miss-sunshine.

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