Today You Twinki-Winki

If it were up to me, you’d never put feeling fab on hold. Ever.

Because you’d always feel worthy of feeling good.

Well, hello! I’m Alex and I make art, write, and design fashion accessories. Think of me as an artist on a mission to make the world better, one human at a time. Starting with myself.

Yep, Twinki-Winki is about giving joy, self-love inspo, and belonging. And I just happen to be an artist, a storyteller, and a fashion misfit. So there ya go.

Artist Alex Mitchell founder of the Twinki-Winki brand online shop, portrait in her studio.

photo: ©Diego Alonso, Madrid, Spain

So I bet now you’re thinking, Okay Alex, what is Twinki-Winki all about? Good question.

And the best way to answer that is in two parts:

• about the Twinki-Winki brand
• about the Twinki-Winki attitude

Twinki-Winki is no-fuss fabulous fashion accessories with a bit of home decor and a little kiss-my-butt attitude thrown in.

Twinki-Winki is all about helping women feel fab whenever they darn well please.

Because feeling fab is glorious, but having to fuss is not.

Other brands make hard to care for products that you can only wear on special occasions. And that’s because they use the wrong materials that require special care. And many times they make their products so lackluster that you never feel like wearing them. So you forget you have them. The end result is a closet full of trendy products that never get worn. And where’s the joy in that?

Twinki-Winki fashion accessories are no-fuss fabulous. This means they’re designed to be easy to care for. And Twinki-Winki boa scarves are made to be wearable art. So they’re not only easy to care for, but also made by hand in super limited quantities.

Here’s the joy in Twinki-Winki:

• Joy is being able to feel fab in your day-to-day. And not waiting for a special occasion.
• Joy is knowing that dressing fab can fit into your machine-washable-life.

Feeling good is expressing your personal style with ease in your day-to-day.

Because life is too short to put feeling fabulous on hold.

To “twinki-winki” means to like who you are.

And feeling good enough to like yourself requires a whole lot of honesty, compassion, and guts. Or what I like to call “kiss-my-butt attitude.” As in, I am good enough, and if you don’t like me as I am, you can kiss my butt!

So, to twinki-winki you may need a little attitude adjusting.

You can try it for yourself right now:

• Imagine things are gonna be easy for a change.
• Imagine that time is on your side for once.
• Imagine you know exactly what to do.

Wouldn’t it be grand to feel that way? Hold thought.
Okay, moving on, here’s the same thing but in the form of a question:

Who are you when you’re NOT feeling stuck or rushed or lost?

I can give you my answer. That would be the relaxed version of me that is fun to be around. It’s my favorite version of me because I love feeling good. Which makes me wonder why I’m spending so much energy feeling stuck, rushed, or lost instead. And if you can relate, then you’re in my head.

And this brings me to my next point. Life is short. There’s no time like the present for getting your twinki-winki mojo working. I call this cultivating inner strength and living an art-filled life. It’s part kiss-my-butt attitude, part get-real honesty, and part let’s get this party started.

Life is a come-as-you-are party.

Everyone can use a little inspiration to feel twinki-winki worthy.

p.s. Find out what customers, aka the Twinki-Winki Warriors, are saying about their products on the TESTIMONIALS page.

Artist profile of Alex Mitchell founder of the Twinki-Winki brand online shop.

I'm Alex, your Twinki-Winki little-miss-sunshine.