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My name is Alex. I love making art, fashion, and teaching but got fed up with my inner perfectionist being the boss of me. So I figured out that my creativity is the answer to getting unstuck. And now I inspire others to play more and care less.

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“Your newsletter is Fab. Oozes love, mischief, delight and big permission to play. I love your clear consistent message - celebrating fun, freedom, aliveness and the full joyful acceptance of it all. Hurrah for Twinki-Winki.”
Aine Divine about
Penicuik, UK

“I love your spunky attitude so much!”
Sylvia Larkin
Houston, TX, USA

“Interesting, truthful, and reliable.”
Carlota Mitchell (my mom)
Jacksonville, FL, USA

“Love your letters! They’re visually happy!! They always leave me feeling positive and ready to try something new.”
Michelle Isroff
Bexley, OH, USA


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Twinki-mail is my colorful weekly newsletter where I share with you my philosophy of inspired rebel living. It’s equal parts attitude, love of process, and satisfaction. And, of course, you’ll be the first to know about new stuff like art, products, courses, blog posts, and goodies. It’s free and never spam. You can unsubscribe whenever you want.


Kiss-My-Butt Affirmations audio and checklist by Alex Mitchell shown as Twinki-mail opt-in freebies.

• 21 Glorious Kiss-My-Butt Affirmations (MP3) and (PDF)
In this audio I’ve prepared 21 affirmations that will bring a smile to your face as you practice playing with new thoughts. Do it like a game. And use the handy-dandy companion checklist to keep track of your progress.

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• Besties Forever (PDF)
A worksheet about things you can do to be your own best friend every day. Because loving life starts with being your own bestie. Yay!


Detail of Twinki-mail opt-in freebie Whoopee Journal pages by Alex Mitchell.

• Whoopee Journal (PDF)
Seven journal pages to make focusing on your goals more fun:
1. Daily Joy
2. My Week Of Doodles
3. Monthly Happy List
4. My Groovy Goals
5. 10 Sparkly Words
6. My Mini Happiness Project
7. My Joyful Bucket List


Detail of Twinki-mail opt-in freebie Young At Heart life tips by Alex Mitchell.

• Young At Heart (PDF)
Ten tips and a buttload of ways to stay young at heart. With space to write down your favs and get ya thinking about your next steps. Smile.

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