All Of Me, All Of You

Well, hello! I’m Alex and I make art, teach, and design fashion accessories. I also want to create a revolution and brainwash you in the process, but more on that later.

Think of me as a rebel on a mission to bring more joy to the world, one human at a time. Starting with myself.


Colorful detail of playful mixed media art with sequins and fluffy bits. Fine art print from Twinki-Winki by Alex Mitchell.

Yep, Twinki-Winki is about giving joy, self-love inspo, and belonging.

And I just happen to be an artist, a teacher, and a fashion misfit. So there ya go. If I were a plumber, we'd surely meet under different circumstances. But the conversations would still be the same.

Because no matter what we do to make a living, we’re all telling the story of our worthiness.

My story includes building a brand that stands for what I believe in. Like this:


Send love. Give joy. Inspire. Help. Have fun. Kick butt.


SEND LOVE = Being kind and courageous

GIVE JOY = Sharing my art

INSPIRE = Cultivating inner strength, living an art-filled life

HELP = Giving direction, confidence, and permission

HAVE FUN = Playing and learning, enjoying the process

KICK BUTT = Being true to myself

As headstrong as I am, I've gone through long stretches of not believing in myself and thinking I wasn't good enough. And telling myself that I wasn’t trying hard enough. If only I could do more, right? But thinking that way only made me feel small. After much banging my head against the wall, I’ve concluded that you can’t achieve anything that will bring you joy by hiding and feeling bad about yourself. Ever.

You are not here on this planet to hide under a rock.

You already are who you were born to be.


All the good you want in your life starts by feeling good about yourself.

Self-portrait line drawing illustration by Alex Mitchell artist of the Twinki-Winki online shop.

And Twinki-Winki wants you to feel loved, appreciated, inspired, happy, and fabulous.

Think of it as brainwashing for the soul:

if it’s true
each of us
holds up
a mirror
for others
to see themselves

but we spend
most of our lives
to recognize ourselves

my life’s purpose
has never seemed so clear:

I wish to be
the mirror
in which you can see
how truly beautiful
you are

Feeling good enough to like yourself requires a whole lot of honesty, compassion, and guts. That’s where you gotta learn to accept all of yourself. The light and the dark qualities within you.

Belonging to all of yourself is the key to belonging to the world.

We go through the world with our strengths and our flaws. It’s all part of being human. And the more love you show yourself, the more love you’ll have to share with others. It’s just that simple.

"Don't ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."
- Howard Thurman

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