Attitude Is Everything

Would it surprise you to know that feeling happy is not dependent on your circumstances?

Yeah, I know. All the stuff happening around you has a big effect on your mood right now. Like your neighbor playing his music too loud and making you want to eat the wallpaper.

But apart from your mood, your deep-down happy feeling about who you are, well, that’s actually a choice you make every day. Uh-huh.

Doll head with flowers and candles that spell HAPPY on top. Tiny colorful toys and letters that spell MY WAY below.

You don’t wait for “happy” to happen.
Instead, you practice happy by doing things that feel good.

And you sprinkle those feel-good moments throughout your day. So that “happy” becomes a summation of all those little moments.

We think being happy is the hard part of our lives. But it’s not like that.

Say what? There’s a gazillion-dollar industry behind getting us to be happier... and being happy is easy???

Oooops hold on, I just fell off my unicorn. Okay, so where was I...

Oh, yeah. BEING HAPPY IS EASY. Because feeling worthy is the hard part.

It’s feeling worthy that’s hard.

Happiness will always be fleeting if you can’t feel good enough.

The truth is that you can't force your self-worth to rise. Your feelings of worthiness will increase as a consequence of making it a priority to practice happy.

This means you’re gonna have to remind yourself every single day that:

You always deserve to feel good.

  Alex Mitchell reclining in colorful setting with a Whoopee slogan pillow covering her face.

Happy is an attitude.
So what if feeling happy didn’t depend on anything but your attitude?

It seems so simple, doesn’t it? Well, it may be simple to understand. But it’s pretty hard to carry out.

That’s why you’ve gotta set the intention to practice happy every day. Attitude is everything.

All the good you want in your life starts by feeling good about yourself.

There is no right or wrong way for you to be happy. Just imagine flopping on your bed at the end of a grueling day.

And right before you smack into your bed face-first, you catch a glimpse of that stylish throw pillow of yours. The one that says WHOOPEE.

It’s your little reminder to bask in that happy-to-be-alive feeling for even just a moment. Because no matter how lopsided your day, if you can still say WHOOPEE then it can’t be all bad.

You always deserve to feel good.
With every little thing you do to feel good, you create momentum. And that momentum will attract more thoughts about feeling good to you. So even just basking in a happy memory for a minute will help you create momentum.

Get your feel-good momentum going and you’ll see! Start with a thought or start with an action. The momentum picks up either way. Because your thoughts lead to actions and your actions lead to thoughts. If your thoughts feel low, jump into action first. It will activate a higher thought.

“The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we respond to it.”
- Charles Swindoll


This is an ideas list to help you practice happy. It’s only a list to get you started. The best list will always be the one you write for yourself.

Grab a sheet of paper and go through the list below. Write down at least one thing you can do each day for a week.

• Play with your pet
• Dance around the house
• Sing your favorite song in the shower
• Sing to your plants
• Read your favorite poem out loud
• Write, draw, or collage in your journal
• Take a bubble bath
• Give yourself a hand or foot massage
• Take a nap for no good reason but because you can
• Eat a bowl of kid's cereal as a snack
• Make pancakes with lots of chocolate chips
• Add cookie chunks to your ice cream
• Bake some cookies with your kids
• Make a pizza with your kids
• Make your own popsicles with fruit juice
• Have a tea and cupcake party with your kids
• Blow bubbles and watch them float away
• Hold a kaleidoscope to the light and keep turning it
• Play with a Slinky or a yo-yo
• Play a card game with someone
• Play a table game with someone
• Play dominoes with someone
• Make a pillow fort out of sofa cushions, pillows, cardboard boxes, and blankets
• Stay in your pajamas all day
• Read comic books
• Watch cartoons
• Watch a movie you liked as a kid
• Do a movie marathon with your kids (they can watch from the pillow fort)
• Have an indoor picnic with someone
• Make yourself lunch and then serve it on your best china and silverware
• Write a card for someone
• Make a funny video with your phone for someone
• Dress up in your favorite outfit even if you don’t leave the house
• Clean out a closet or drawer, and then give away any good stuff you don’t need anymore
• Play Karaoke in your living room
• Get out your flashlight, dim the lights, and make hand shadows
• Get out some paper and scissors and make paper doll chains
• Get out some markers or crayons and doodle in a notebook
• Get out some markers or crayons and color a mandala or coloring page
• Get out some acrylic paints and paint rocks (maybe after a scavenger hunt)
• Get out some Legos and build something cool
• Get out some fun stickers and write notes for yourself (stick them on your mirror or fridge)
• Sign up for an exercise class or creative workshop and make new friends
• Sign up for an online class or creative workshop and explore subjects that spark your curiosity

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