Make Fashion Fun Again: 7 Easy Tips To Play With Your Wardrobe

Closet crisis! We’ve all been there. That feeling of being stuck in a rut.

When you’ve lost all hope.
When opening your closet doors feels like decision overwhelm.
When it feels easier to go on a shopping spree than to do a closet inventory

But please don’t give up on yourself or your wardrobe. You’re not hopeless or stuck, you’re simply bored and out of ideas.

Because the truth is that you can get creative with what you’ve got. I promise.

And in the process, you can even do a simple closet inventory to help you prevent future closet crisis moments. Oh, yeah.

Styling your outfits is a fabulous way to express your creativity.

So let’s make fashion fun again:
TIP 1. Break rules
TIP 2. Extend seasons
TIP 3. Hack your closet
TIP 4. Restyle your blazers
TIP 5. Revitalize your basics
TIP 6. Revisit your statement pieces
TIP 7. Experiment with new outfit ideas
BONUS TIP: Trade your clothes
Alex Mitchell in a blue fancy dress and pink hairband surrounded by magazines dreaming about having fun with fashion.

TIP 1. Break rules

How: Mix and match your tops and bottoms
Look in your closet and see if you can’t combine a top with a bottom that you wouldn’t normally wear together. It’s time to try some new combinations.

• Wear sneakers with a fancy skirt or dress
• Wear fun socks with sandals
• Wear a sleeveless top with arm warmers
• Wear a fancy blouse with cargo pants

And mix high and low fashion for extra points. Like combining a basic sundress with a designer scarf. Check out the BONUS TIP at the end for how to get your hands on some luxury items.


TIP 2. Extend seasons

How: Dress in layers
You can wear your favorite summer tops and dresses during colder weather. No lie. The trick is to dress in layers by keeping your basics at the ready.

To make your life easier, keep these season-extending basics together and in sight:
• Long-sleeve tees
• Turtlenecks
• Leggings

• Wear that strappy slip dress or top over a turtleneck
• Wear a short-sleeve blouse over a long-sleeve tee
• Wear a short-sleeve mini dress over a long-sleeve tee and leggings
• Wear a short-sleeve dress with colored tights

And add sneakers to the mix for extra points. Layering your summer pieces dresses them down. So your casual footwear makes your outfit all the more practical.


TIP 3. Hack your closet

How: Organize your clothes in new places
When you feel stuck in a rut, it’s time to play. Namely, you can play boggle with your wardrobe. The trick is to rearrange your clothes in new places.

This closet hack alone will give you fresh eyes for creating your outfits. So put things in different places for a new perspective.

• Hang outfits together
Go ahead and keep your combos together on hangers in your closet. In other words, hang the main pieces of your outfits side-by-side. And if you like wearing scarves, add them on.

• Keep your basics at the ready and in sight on a shelf
Keep your tees, long-sleeve tees, and turtlenecks folded and within reach. You can use baskets for items that aren’t easy to fold like leggings, colored tights, and socks.

• Keep your accessories in clear plastic containers
For example, you can have separate boxes for your scarves, necklaces, and sunglasses. Whatever your favorite accessories might be, keeping them where you can see them will remind you to wear them.


TIP 4. Restyle your blazers

How: Combine that blazer with a shirt and sporty pants
Your blazers make it so easy to try out new styles. Whether you like your blazers oversize or fitted, you can pair them with sporty pants instead of slacks.

• Wear your blazer with an untucked shirt, a vest, and glorified athletic pants
• Wear your blazer with a tucked-in floral print shirt and cargo pants
• Wear your blazer with a tucked-in shirt, tie, and long shorts

And play with rolling up your blazer sleeves for extra points. Because with your blazer sleeves pushed up, you can let your shirtsleeves hang out. And that’s super cool.


TIP 5. Revitalize your basics

How: Switch that neutral/black to color
Look at your favorite everyday outfits. Chances are you’re combining your neutral basics with your classic tops. Like this:
• Khakis with white tees
• Dark blue slacks with pastel-colored shirts
• Black linen trousers with sleeveless blouses

Color is a great way to bring fun and personality to your outfits. So consider switching out one of your neutral basics for a similar item in a bright color.

• Wear your white tees with sporty cargo pants in lime green
• Wear your pastel-colored shirts with red slacks
• Wear your sleeveless blouses with yellow linen trousers

Try it out. You may find that it’s easier than you think to include colorful basics alongside your trusted neutrals in your wardrobe.


TIP 6. Revisit your statement pieces

How: Play around with accessories
Simple accessories are the key to making your wardrobe versatile. The same outfit worn with a casual scarf or with statement jewelry will give off a different vibe. The same goes for a dress worn with heels or sneakers.

Your accessories include:
• Scarves
• Headbands
• Hats
• Gloves
• Arm warmers
• Sunglasses
• Jewelry (rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets)
• Bags, purses
• Tights, socks
• Shoes

Of all the accessories listed above, scarves are the easiest when it comes to styling your outfits.

For one thing, scarves are lighter than fashion necklaces which can be clunky. They’re also easy to find in a multitude of colors, textures, and weights. And their versatility makes them easy to wear.

To make your life easier, keep your accessories together and in sight. See number 3 above.

(For a great refresher on basic scarf types, check out The Ultimate Scarf Guide. It’s groovy. And if ya wanna know why you can’t live without a large square scarf, check out Your Guide To The Perfect Scarf For All Your Style Needs. You’re gonna love it, too.)


TIP 7. Experiment with new outfit ideas

How: Do a simple closet inventory
Try doing a simple closet inventory of the clothes and accessories you own.

Your goal:
To have the bulk of your closet be those items you enjoy wearing. And to get rid of any items that no longer fit you or work with your current lifestyle..

A great foundation makes mixing and matching so much easier. And making space in your closet makes getting dressed way more fun.

Take note, while doing your closet inventory, you can have fun experimenting with new outfit ideas.

Like this:
• Pick a night to go through your closet
• Get out a full-length mirror, some tea or wine, your favorite music, etc.
• Have fun playing dress-up

Next up:
Try this simple closet inventory. I call it the 5-heaps and 3-piles method of finding your best clothes.

Step 1. Make 5 heaps
Take your clothes out of your closet and pile them into one of 5 heaps. Be ruthless. You may love a dress but if you never wear it then it’s gotta go in Heap 3 and NOT in Heap 2.

Heap 1 = The clothes you wear all the time because they fit well

Heap 2 = The clothes you love wearing because they feel right

Heap 3 = The clothes you never wear because they don’t fit, make you itch, or simply don’t feel like YOU

Heap 4 = The clothes you seldom wear because they’re only for weddings or fancy cocktail parties

Heap 5 = Any items from Heaps 1-4 that are tired and old because they’re worn out, stained, or falling apart

Step 2. Make 3 piles
Now organize your 5 heaps into 3 piles. You’ll end up with a YES pile, a NO pile, and a SPECIAL OCCASION pile.

YES pile = Combine Heaps 1 and 2
These clothes make the foundation of your wardrobe. They fit your body and your lifestyle. Consider buying similar items in different colors to add to your closet.

Do not include clothes you wear all the time that are worn out, stained, or falling apart. These go into your NO pile.

NO pile = Combine Heaps 3 and 5
These are the items that need to be given away, sold, recycled, or trashed. You may have a few items you love in here because they’re vintage or designer pieces. But if you don’t wear them, don’t let them clutter your closet.

Check out the BONUS TIP below for a fun idea of what you can do with these pieces.

These items are keepers only if they really truly still fit your body and your lifestyle. Since you may only wear them once a year, don’t let them take up precious space in your main closet. Put them in hanging bags and keep them elsewhere like under your bed or in the garage.

If going through your closet feels overwhelming, break it down into easier steps.

For example, you can do your hanging clothes one day and folded clothes another. And you can do your jackets and coats on a later day, too. The same goes for your shoes and accessories. Little by little, you'll get it done.


BONUS TIP: Trade your clothes

How: Have a fashion swap party
I’ve added this bonus tip because I think it’s a brilliant way to swap some of your beloved pieces that don’t work for you anymore (they’re in your NO pile).

It’s also a fun way to get your hands on some luxury items. Assuming your friends and family have good taste. Smile.

How to hold a fashion swap party:
• Make it a cookies and tea-time party
• Invite family and friends to come with clothes they’ve fallen out of love with
• Set a clothes rack or large boxes and bins in your garage or living room
• Set up a full-length mirror for trying on accessories
• Use a bedroom as a dressing room for trying on clothes

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