Shopping Fun: The Ten Commandments To Buying Fashion

We’ve all been there. We’ve all bought things that we end up not using.

Like the fancy blouse that’s hard to clean. Or the beautiful knit scarf that makes you itch all over. Maybe it’s a pretty tote with flimsy shoulder straps or a t-shirt that loses its shape after a few washes.

That’s so darn frustrating! It really takes the fun right out of shopping. Especially with all the choices when it comes to shopping online. You can easily feel overwhelmed.


Let’s put the fun back into shopping.


Let’s be smart consumers who spend their hard-earned cash on products and services we love and brands that love us back. But where to begin, right?

“Look at me!
Look at me now!
It is fun to have fun
but you have to know how.”
- Dr. Seuss

Alex Mitchell checking the materials and colors of a stylish blouse with green and blue graphic pattern.

Know the ten commandments of shopping.
Here’s a common-sense list of things to keep in mind whenever you go shopping:

1. It’s gotta fit you.
Think about the size. If it doesn’t fit your body, it won’t matter how special it is. Period.

2. It’s gotta work with your existing stuff.
Think about the use. If you can’t come up with at least three ways to wear it with your existing wardrobe, you won’t be wearing it much.

3. It’s gotta work with your lifestyle.
Think about ease. If it’s not practical or easy to take care of in your day-to-day, it’s a pain.

4. It’s gotta be made well.
Think about quality. Look at the details. Because if it starts to fall apart, you’ll stop using it.

5. It’s gotta be made of the right materials for your needs.
Think about skin sensitivity and weight. If it makes you itch, it’ll drive you crazy. The same goes for if it’s too heavy or too light. You’ll stop wearing it.

6. It’s gotta have the right colors for you.
Think about your face. We’ve all got our favorite colors to wear because they highlight our face. If the color doesn’t flatter you, it won’t matter how pretty it is. You’ll hate wearing it.

7. It’s gotta have the right shape for you.
Think about your body type. Size and shape go together to flatter your body. If the shape doesn’t flatter you, it won’t matter how stylish it is. Forget about it.

8. It’s gotta allow for play.
Think about multiple uses. In addition to coming up with at least three ways to wear it with your existing wardrobe, you want it to enhance your style. It should help you breathe new life into what you’ve already got in your closet.

9. It’s gotta help you feel good.
Think about your sense of self. Whatever you wear and however you decide to wear it should have the ultimate goal of helping you feel good. Be that via comfort, style, ease, fashion, fun, beauty, elegance, or all of the above.

10. It’s gotta help you invest in yourself.
Think about your future self. Be her now. Your wardrobe should support who you’re becoming. With every new addition to your wardrobe, you’re investing in yourself and your desire to live the life you want.

Alex Mitchell holding on to lots of colorful clothes, having fun thinking about fashion and styling her outfits.

The ten questions to ask yourself before you buy.
We can turn the ten commandments of shopping into ten questions to ask yourself before you hit the order button or pull out your wallet:

1. Does this fit me? Is it my size?
2. Will this work with my existing wardrobe?
3. Is this practical and easy to take care of?
4. Is it well made? What do I know about the details?
5. Is it made from a material I’m sensitive to? Is the weight pleasing to me?
6. Does the color flatter my face? Does it boost my mood?
7. Does the shape flatter my body? Does it feel like me?
8. Does this breathe new life into what I’ve already got in my closet?
9. Does owning and wearing this make me feel good?
10. Is this an investment in myself?


Unleash your inner fashionista.


Alex Mitchell with eyes closed holding on to lots of colorful clothes and dreaming about styling her outfits.

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