Collection: Home Textiles

All Twinki-Winki products are no-fuss fabulous. And ya know what that means, don’t ya! Yep, you get to express your creativity with stuff that’s made to bring ease and joy into your life.

Because you want to fill your home with fashion-forward blankets and towels that are not only soft and cozy but full of life. The vibrant colors and bold prints on the Happy Throw Blanket and Chic Beach Towel will give you the cheerful vibes and style you’re looking for. Your inner diva will thank you.

Imagine flopping onto your couch for a well-deserved moment of rest and relaxation. You’re all stretched out taking up as much space as possible with your favorite snuggly blanket. You’ve got a hot drink within arm’s reach and life feels pretty darn awesome. But the next thing you know, somebody let the neighbor lady walk in and now you’re wishing you’d brushed your hair. Darn it. And as you’re sitting up and smoothing out your blanket over your lap, you realize that you’re just as fab as the ladies on your blanket. Yep, you know fabulous is as fabulous does. And fabulous might not have glamorous hair today, but she’s got time for coffee and a friendly chat. Oh, yeah.

Fabulous is as fabulous does.

Imagine you just got out of the shower and now you’re rushing around the house wrapped in a towel. You’re busy throwing your dirty clothes in the hamper and grabbing clean clothes for the day. You slow down just long enough to catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. Well, hello! Who’s that stylish girl!? Big smile. Because you may not always remember to slow down and smile, but you know you can light up a room when you do. You call it your oomph-potential. And a little friendly reminder, like your bold and cheerful towel, sure goes a long way.

Well, hello! I’m Alex and I make this stuff to fill your life with color, joy, smiles, style, and attitude.

By making my products no-fuss fabulous, you know they’ll fit your lifestyle. So you get to feel fab being you whenever you darn well please. Uh-huh. You get to express your creativity and strut your fabulous self all over the place. Amen.