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Happy Throw Blanket

Happy Throw Blanket

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You don’t need another throw that adds nothing to your decor.

Walk into most stores and you’ll have no problem finding a cozy throw for your couch. But right away you’ll notice that they all come in solid colors. And the fun ones with the pretty prints seem a bit juvenile to you. Like maybe they’re meant for a kid’s room.

But who says you can’t have a fashion-forward throw blanket that’s still fun?

Of course, it’ll need to have all the right features to get couch status. As in, it better be super soft, lightweight, and easy to clean.

What you want is a snuggly blanket that’s got happy vibes.

Because your throw blanket is where you wanna keep cozy but it should also be stylish enough to brighten up your decor. Twinki-Winki throw blankets have vibrant prints that’ll color-boost your home and make you smile.

So go ahead and express yourself, and your couch, with a throw blanket that’s vibrant, cheerful, playful, and totally unique. Because let’s face it, when it’s time for a feel-good moment, your couch rules and so should your throw.

Why you’ll love this throw blanket:
Vibrant Colors: Twinki-Winki throw blankets get their vibrant colors as a result of the printing process and material used. Each blanket’s exclusive prints are sublimation printed on polyester fabric for consistent and vibrant colors that won't fade.

Softness: Twinki-Winki throws have a soft and light feel for comfiness and snugglability. Okay, I just made that word up. But you’re really gonna like how soft they are.

Exclusive Alex Mitchell Print: This is not another computer-generated repeating pattern. Twinki-Winki throw blankets use reproductions of Alex Mitchell’s original artwork. The process involves photographing the originals to reproduce a digital version which is then used for printing.

Easy Care: Do not underestimate a throw blanket that’s meant for easy care. Because anything that lives on your couch should be easy to wash and quick to dry.

Alex Mitchell relaxing with magazine with a colorful cozy throw blanket and wearing a fun beach towel on her head.
photo: Happy Throw Blanket in Fab Ladies

Design Details:
• Vibrant multicolor print for happy vibes
Exclusive Twinki-Winki prints created with original artwork by Alex Mitchell
• Features Fab Ladies print on front
• White reverse side
Sublimation printed for a consistent and vibrant all-over print
• One size

Material Details:
• 100% polyester fabric
• Soft fuzzy feel for comfiness
• Lightweight
• Hypoallergenic
• Flame retardant
• Vibrant colors that won't fade
• Dries quickly and won’t shrink
• Less absorbent so it’s harder to stain and easier to keep clean

• Blanket size: 50 in × 60 in (127 × 153 cm)

While many stores will sell you blankets in pretty colors, Twinki-Winki’s throw blankets have vibrant multicolor prints for happy vibes. So that sitting or napping on your couch is like feel-good-therapy.

Care Instructions:
Machine wash COLD. Delicate cycle with mild detergent and like colors. If necessary, tumble dry low. Or lay flat and air dry for longest life. Do not bleach. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.

Special Note:
When you get your Happy Throw Blanket it will be less fuzzy than normal. That’s because it’s strongly pressed during the printing process. So please wash it prior to first use so it can go back to its happy fuzzy form.

Happy Throw Blankets are sourced from China. Then depending on where the order is placed, they’re printed in the USA, Canada, Mexico, or Europe.

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