Details of nine paper collage compositions with fun shapes by Alex Mitchell from the workshop Paper Collage Play Time.
Funny self portrait of Alex Mitchell in pink tulle dress and magic fairy wand with encouraging and kind look on her face.
A detail of a worksheet called Follow The Flow by Alex Mitchell from the workshop Paper Collage Play Time.

Paper Collage Play Time: A Guided Mini Workshop For Getting Unblocked And Expressing Your Creativity

$57.00 USD

Stop squashing your creativity and start playing more.

Hands up if this is you:
• You feel like the harder you try the more blocked you get
• You could really use a break from getting in your own way
• You want direction for how to move forward
• You want to have fun with your creative side
• You want guidance on creating a practice for playing more
• You want to charge your feel-good battery

Well, that's what I'm here for, don’t ya know. Let me show you what I've learned about living an inspired life. And let’s help each other be the fabulous creative souls we’re meant to be.

In this workshop, you’ll go from feeling stuck to feeling creative. And you’ll experience the satisfaction of playing more and making your life easier. Oh, yeah.
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Colorful details of four paper collage compositions by Alex Mitchell from the workshop Paper Collage Play Time.
Paper Collage Play Time online workshop slide of a demo lesson for making a fun and easy colorful collage.
A listing of features and benefits of the online workshop Paper Collage Play Time.
Paper Collage Play Time online workshop slide of a music-only session for working on course project.
Colorful pencils, markers, pens, scissors, and glue stick next to stacks of colored and white papers.
Details of four paper collage compositions with fun shapes by Alex Mitchell from the workshop Paper Collage Play Time.

It’s your time to play!
Get ready for a fun guided mini workshop to spark your creativity and embrace ease.

What you’ll be doing in this workshop:
• Making marks
• Scribbling and doodling
• Coloring
• Cutting and gluing
• Easy paper collage-making
• Listening to audios, reading, and worksheets

What you’ll take away is:
• The satisfaction of giving yourself the gift of spending time on yourself
• The joy of having fun with your creative side
• Resources for creative play


Part 1. Introduction
Part 2. Why Learn With Alex?
Part 3. What You’ll Learn
Part 4. How This Course Works
Part 5. Before we begin… (3-question survey)
Part 1. Your Tools For Play Time
Part 2. Download All Your Printables
MODULE 1: Honor The Creative Process - PLAY TIME

STEP 1. Get ready to create
Step 2. Make MARKS for fodder
Step 3. Make PUZZLE SHAPES for fodder
Step 4. Make SCRIBBLES for fodder
Step 5. Make DOODLES for fodder
Step 6. Cut and compose
Step 6.1 COLLAGE PROMPT: Squares Quilt
Step 6.2 COLLAGE PROMPT: Pixelations
Step 6.3 COLLAGE PROMPT: Stones Spiral
Step 6.4 COLLAGE PROMPT: Constellations
Step 6.5 COLLAGE PROMPT: Patchwork Windows
Step 6.6 COLLAGE PROMPT: Pinball Fun
Step 6.7 COLLAGE PROMPT: Patchwork Maze
Step 6.8 COLLAGE PROMPT: Popsicle Land
Step 6.9 COLLAGE PROMPT: Map Fun
Step 7. Reset


BREAK: Your Pink Fairy Moment
MODULE 2: Honor The Creative Process - INNER SHIFT
OVERVIEW: Inner Shift

AUDIO 1: One Sock Crisis
AUDIO 2: Get Egg-Cracking
Download All Your Audios

READING: Six Ways To Creating Momentum
MODULE 3: Honor The Creative Process - EXTRA ACTIVITY
OVERVIEW: Extra Activity

COLORING BOOK PREVIEW: Expressing Your Genius - Using Your Creativity For Getting Unstuck
OVERVIEW: Your Bonus Worksheets

BONUS 1 PREVIEW: Permission To Play
BONUS 2 PREVIEW: The Joy Of Not Giving A Rat’s Ass
BONUS 3 PREVIEW: How To Woo Your Creativity
Part 1. Congrats!
Part 2. Tips
Part 3. Get on my mailing list
Part 4. Before you go… (7-question survey)
$57.00 USD

Creative play is a means to express yourself for the sheer pleasure of being alive.

There are lots of courses that can teach you about making art. And there are lots of courses that can teach you about growth mindset and alignment.

But my calling is to show you how to use your creativity as the spark for your inner shift.

And that’s why my preferred method for teaching is play immersion. Yep, it’s all about having fun with your creative side.

The way I see it, you can’t have inner growth without creativity. And although you can try to understand your creativity conceptually, you are meant to experience it personally:

• One insightful moment of creative play can dissolve years of resistance giving you new-found energy
• The fun you have with your creative side spills over into all parts of your life
• Igniting the creative spark inside you gives you fresh eyes to try new things and make changes

Because there’s only ONE difference between people who consider themselves “creative” and people who don’t. The ones who do are in the habit of expressing their creativity on a regular basis.

By the time you finish this workshop, you’ll have three strategies to free yourself from squashing your genius:
• Making space for ease and play
• Breaking through your resistance
• Trusting the creative process

A detail of a worksheet called Permission To Play by Alex Mitchell from the workshop Paper Collage Play Time.
A detail of a printable called Assignment Overview Checklist by Alex Mitchell from the workshop Paper Collage Play Time.
A detail of 9 Easy Collage Prompts eBook by Alex Mitchell from the workshop Paper Collage Play Time.

Let's make stuff, learn stuff, and get our butts unstuck!

“The workshop activities really did help reset things, almost like a little pick-me-up, to be taken as needed!.”

Beth Mosher about Worry Dolls Play Time online workshop
Jamaica Plain, MA, USA

If your intuition is telling you that this sounds like fun, go for it!


What happens after I purchase the course? How do I get access?
First, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a link to finish setting up your student account. After that, you’ll be able to log in to get access to your course with your email address and password. Easy-peasy.

But you’ll also receive a welcome email with your next steps, including a link to download the course checklist. Your whole course is divided into TINY TASKS that you can finish in 10-15 minutes. So go ahead and print that checklist before you start.
How do I get help?
There’s a good chance that you can find the answer to what’s on your mind below. If not, send me an email at
How long do I have access to the workshop?
You’ve got lifetime course access! This means you can access all your course lessons and material for as long as the workshop exists. In the event that Twinki-Winki intends to retire any courses, you’ll be provided with at least 6 months notice.
I love learning but I don’t have the patience to deal with complicated projects. Is this a problem?
Nope. This is a mini workshop, not a full-on masterclass. I keep my courses no-fuss fabulous. This means simple projects created with low-cost supplies, quick setup, and easy cleanup. Yay!
I’ve never taken an online course before. Is this a problem?
Not at all. You’re guided step-by-step all the way. All you need is your device, an internet connection, and access to a printer.

When creating your project, I give you direction and ideas to get you going. But you also have the freedom to play and experiment. You’ll find instructions and examples in all the DEMOS I’ve recorded for you. You’ll also find audios, eBooks, and worksheets you can download.
Can I do this workshop if I’m short on time?
Absolutely! The best way to complete this workshop is by doing it in small steps. That’s why I’ve set you up with TINY TASKS. Yep, your whole course has been divided into TINY TASKS that you can finish in 10-15 minutes.

And to help you stay motivated, you’ve got a TINY TASK course checklist to download and print.
I’m not very artistic but I like making stuff. Are your courses for me?
Yes! Believe it or not, you’re exactly the kind of person I have in mind when I create my workshops. All you need is the willingness to play and try something new.

I keep my courses no-fuss fabulous. This means simple projects created with low-cost supplies, quick setup, and easy cleanup. 
I always run out of steam after I start a new course. How can I make sure I’ll actually finish?
You can totally finish this mini workshop. You only need an average of 15 minutes per TINY TASK. And you can use the checklist to check off your TINY TASKS as you go. The best motivator is seeing your own progress!

And to keep you motivated, I’ve created all the DEMOS as creativity work sessions. After giving you instructions, you’re not left hanging. So that once you know how to get going, you can listen to the music while you work alongside me.

Is it too late for me to learn new things like this?
Never. Your willingness to have fun with your creative side is all you need to do this. And you’re guided step-by-step by yours truly through the course.
Are your workshops for kids?
Nope. I create these courses for adults to play with their creative side and learn about the power of their thoughts. Think of my workshops as invitations to play for the kid in you.

Having said that, the making components of each workshop will be fun for kids. And I give you practical tips you can use to include kids.
I’m still in college and need to watch my money. Do you offer student discounts?
Sure. Email me and tell me more at Let me know about your studies, how you found me, and why you want to take my workshop. I’m happy to help.
Can I gift this course to someone else?
Absolutely! You can buy a GIFT CARD specifically for the course you want to give. The way it works is that after you purchase the GIFT CARD a unique code will be emailed to you. Simply forward that email to the lucky recipient who can use the code to redeem the course. Yay! 

You’ll find more details about how to gift my courses here: 
Can I get a refund?
Yes! I think you’re gonna love this workshop. But if you feel you’ve made a mistake and this really isn’t for you, we can certainly do something about it.

You must request a refund within the first 14 days after you purchase the course. Email your request to Make sure to include your full name, the email address you used to sign up, the name of the course you purchased, and the date of the purchase. Also please include your order number and the reason for your dissatisfaction.

Can I take the workshop on my phone?

Yes! The Thinkific Course Player is fully mobile responsive. Yay! So you can take your course on the go from any phone, tablet, or computer!

Are there any technical requirements to take this workshop?

The only technical requirements are:
• Your device
• An internet connection
• Access to a printer
I loved the low bar to entry. 

“I loved the low bar to entry and that making the fodder pages is really just a flow warmup. I am not really a collage person, but I did find it very satisfying to do. I found that I dipped into the different projects when my "real" projects felt a little stale, or I was bored or frustrated with them and just wanted to do something (anything!) that helped reset things.” 

Beth Mosher about Paper Collage Play Time online workshop 
Jamaica Plain, MA, USA
A listing of the price value of the content included in the the online workshop Paper Collage Play Time.
$57.00 USD


Do ya know the perfect person who’d love this mini workshop?
It’s super easy to pay for the course and send them the code to redeem it.

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