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Alex Mitchell Online Workshops

Let's make stuff, learn stuff, and get our butts unstuck!

There are lots of courses that can teach you about making art. And there are lots of courses that can teach you about growth mindset and alignment.

But my calling is to show you how to use your creativity as the spark for your inner shift.

And that’s why my preferred method for teaching is play immersion. Yep, it’s all about having fun with your creative side.

The way I see it, you can’t have inner growth without creativity. And although you can try to understand your creativity conceptually, you’re meant to experience it personally:

• One insightful moment of creative play can dissolve years of resistance giving you new-found energy
• The fun you have with your creative side spills over into all parts of your life
• Igniting the creative spark inside you gives you fresh eyes to try new things and make changes

Because there’s only ONE difference between people who consider themselves “creative” and people who don’t. The ones who do are in the habit of expressing their creativity on a regular basis.

I am so happy that you’re here. Let me share with you my journey. Let me show you what I've learned about living an inspired life. And let’s help each other be the fabulous creative souls we’re meant to be.


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