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Kiss-My-Butt Affirmations audio and checklist free downloads by Alex Mitchell.
• 21 Glorious Kiss-My-Butt Affirmations (MP3) and (PDF)
All the good you want in your life starts by feeling good about yourself. That’s why I like to say that happiness is a kiss-my-butt attitude. And in this audio I’ve prepared 21 affirmations that will bring a smile to your face as you practice playing with new thoughts. Do it like a game. And use the handy-dandy companion checklist to keep track of your progress.
Click here to download your 21 Glorious Kiss-My-Butt Affirmations AUDIO (MP3)
Click here to download your 21 Glorious Kiss-My-Butt Affirmations CHECKLIST (PDF)


Detail of Twinki-mail Besties Forever worksheet free download by Alex Mitchell.

• Besties Forever (PDF)
A worksheet about things you can do to be your own best friend every day. Because loving life starts with being your own bestie. Yay!
Click here to download your Besties Forever Worksheet (PDF)


Detail of Twinki-mail Whoopee Journal pages free download by Alex Mitchell.

• Whoopee Journal (PDF)
Seven journal pages to make focusing on your goals more fun:
1. Daily Joy
2. My Week Of Doodles
3. Monthly Happy List
4. My Groovy Goals
5. 10 Sparkly Words
6. My Mini Happiness Project
7. My Joyful Bucket List
Click here to download your Whoopee Journal (PDF)


Detail of Twinki-mail Young At Heart life tips free download by Alex Mitchell.

• Young At Heart (PDF)
Ten tips and a buttload of ways to stay young at heart. With space to write down your favs and get ya thinking about your next steps. Smile.
Click here to download your Young At Heart Life Tips (PDF)

Okay, so now what?

Find out about my online courses!
If you’re looking for ways to have fun with your creative side, I’d love to help you. Learn more about my online workshops!

What you can expect from my Play Time workshops:

In my workshops, you’ll go from feeling stuck to feeling creative. And you’ll experience the satisfaction of trusting your intuition and and feeling excited about what’s possible for you.

My calling is to show you how to use the creative process to spark your inner growth:
• By showing you how to bring more creative play into your life
• By encouraging you to focus on your own values and care less about what others think
• By helping you create a practice for expressing your creativity

“Making time for this course broke up my normal pattern of go go go and gave me time to reflect on where I am trying to get to. Throughout my life, I have come back to this idea that doing more isn't necessarily better, but we are raised to think the more you fit in your schedule the more you are 'achieving.’ Enjoying the creative process and thinking about ways I am stuck helped me reframe that. Since then I have integrated more creative breaks into my days to keep disrupting the patterns I am trying to change.”
Erin Murphy
Tempe, AZ, USA

Details of Alex Mitchell Worry Dolls Play Time online workshop. Course screenshots and project steps.

Let's make stuff, learn stuff, and get our butts unstuck!

Click here to learn more about my online workshops!

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