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Double Fun Tote Bag: Popcornfroops-Zigzag

Double Fun Tote Bag: Popcornfroops-Zigzag

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You don’t need another boring tote that brings down your outfit.

We’ve all been there. You want a big bag to carry all your stuff but it’s hard to find one that works with your outfit. The sturdy ones are too heavy, the pretty ones have awful straps, and the lightweight ones are all wrinkly.

It’s enough to make ya wanna sing the tote-bag-blues.

And when you do decide to shop for a new tote, you’re stuck trying to choose between one that’s neutral in color or one with a print. All the while wondering if either will work well with your wardrobe. The tote with the print has got more colors to match with but still, it’s got the same boring print on both sides. What’s a fashion-forward gal to do?

What you want is a big tote that’s easy-to-match.

Twinki-Winki tote bags have double fun prints. As in, they’re designed with two different vibrant and fun prints on each bag. You’ll love how easy they are to mix and match with your existing wardrobe.

And you’ll love how both prints are totally unique! They’re exclusively made for Twinki-Winki by Alex Mitchell. Yay! Thanks to your new big colorful tote, you’ll have fun carrying all your stuff in style.

Why you’ll love this tote bag:  
Double Fun Prints: Twinki-Winki tote bags are designed with two different vibrant and fun multicolor prints, one on the front and the other on the back. This means they’re easy to mix and match with your existing wardrobe. And both prints have been created with original artwork exclusively made for Twinki-Winki by Alex Mitchell.

Vibrant Colors: Twinki-Winki tote bags get their vibrant colors as a result of the printing process and material used. Each bag’s exclusive prints are sublimation printed on polyester fabric for consistent and vibrant colors that won't fade. Choose your favorite from three vibrant color versions.

Matching Laptop Cases: For every Twinki-Winki tote bag, there’s a Twinki-Winki laptop case with a matching print. And since every Twinki-Winki tote has two prints, you can choose from two laptop cases that match. So go ahead and rock your outfit in true matching diva style.

Cotton Webbing Shoulder Straps: Forget about those flimsy wrinkly straps on your other totes. Twinki-Winki tote bags have 100% cotton webbing black shoulder straps. These straps have a soft feel, are comfortable on your shoulders, and are sturdy for everyday use.

Alex Mitchell in a silly sitting pose wearing a big colorful tote bag in Popcornfroops-Zigzag design on her head.
photo: Double Fun Tote Bag in Popcornfroops-Zigzag (showing Zigzag)

Design Details:
• Two different multicolor prints on each bag for easy matching
Exclusive Twinki-Winki prints created with original artwork by Alex Mitchell
• Features Popcornfroops print on front, Zigzag print on reverse
• Available in 3 vibrant color versions so you can choose your favorite from the tote bag collection
Matching laptop cases to rock your outfit
• Comfortable 100% cotton webbing black shoulder straps for ease of carrying
Sublimation printed for a consistent and vibrant all-over print
Hand-cut and sewn for sturdy construction
• Large inside pocket
• No zippers
• One size

Material Details:
• 100% polyester fabric for exterior and lining
• Durable lightweight fabric that won’t add unnecessary weight for you to carry
• Sturdy construction, stitching includes overlock stitch and lockstitch for a long life
• Vibrant colors that won't fade
• Dries quickly and won’t shrink
• Less absorbent so it’s harder to stain and easier to keep clean

• Width: 20 in (51 cm)
• Height: 16 in (41 cm) (not including shoulder straps)
• Maximum weight limit: 44 lbs (20 kg)
• Capacity: 4.4 US gal (17.8 l)

While other brands sell totes with the same print on both sides, Twinki-Winki’s tote bags have two different multicolor prints for easy matching. So you can mix and match with any outfit.

Care Instructions:
Machine wash. COLD cycle. Do not bleach. Hang-dry for longest life. Iron only on low heat setting. Do not tumble dry. Do not dry clean.

Double Fun Tote Bags are sourced from China. Then depending on where the order is placed, they’re printed, cut, and hand-sewn in the USA, Canada, Mexico, or Europe.

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